klk sticks to be sold at ozine fest ‘14!! :^)

tag thing!! fr seizonsenryaku
rly boring so just ignore

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Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers!

oh dang… dang….. rubs chin

  1. im getting better at pixel art!!!?? :o
  2. i can cook a mean breakfast/bake cakes and stuff lmao
  3. i look good w eyeliner on?? 
  4. i just got glasses recently therefore increasing my cuteness?? (this is prolly not a good thing in terms of my ocular health tho)
  5. i have rly cute/awesome friends!!!!! :^)
hey is it okay to use your bigby pixels with credit to you? because they're hella cute omg

yea sure go ahead!! :^)

they were supposed to be for a pixel fam actually, ive yet to do the other fables tho!! soon….. soon…………

HEY GUYS!!! ill be tabling with some friends this weekend at Ozine Fest ‘14!!! who’s going???? o:

p.s. ill be giving away homestuck stickers all three days but its a first come, first serve basis! :^)

and also bring me coffee or food bc ill be tired as heck

bigby pixels





lil heart dokis aaa…. ♪( ´▽`)

Happy Birthday!! :D *insert confettis here* ^ 7 ^

aw, thank you!!! 

happy birthday!! :)

thank you dear!! :> 

Ectobiolodaddy said it's your birthday, so I figured, why not go and send this. Happiest birthday, fella! ^^ Also, sorry for the obsessive reblogs, but your art is epic.

thank you!!! and omg its ok, im glad u like my art aaa…